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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Give your sites a quick ping

Posted by Nik Peachey

With the number of blogs constantly growing it can become increasingly difficult to keep your audience and attract new readers, so it doesn't hurt every now and then to give your site a quick ping across the major search engines and directories.

Blogbuzzer is a free tool that can help you do this and give your sites' traffic a bit of a boost. It's very easy to use, just type in the name and URL of your blog and click on the 'Ping' button.
This will enable Blogbuzzer to send a message to many of the major blog directories and make sure that your site is indexed.

You can 'ping' up to 5 sites a day for free without registering or signing up. I've tried this a few times and each time it has brought a noticeable boost to my visitors stats. There is a premium service for $9 a year which automates the service for you and helps you monitor results etc. so if you are really serious about boosting numbers and don't mind spending some money, it might be worth thinking about (I won't be trying it).

This is a simple tool to use and it can be effective particularly if you haven't already got your blog or site registered.

I hope you find it useful.

How about you?

  • How do you boost traffic to your website or blog?
  • Is just writing good materials enough?
  • Are there any free services you have found useful?

Please leave a comment or suggestion if you think you can help other bloggers.


Karenne Sylvester said...

Nik, is this kosher? I remember reading ages ago when studying blogging that, I think it was Darren Rowse, did not recommend doing this sort of thing - how does it work, I mean, what would the site stand to gain from giving such a service away?

Nik Peachey said...

Hi Karenne

Not sure about all the ins and outs, but there is anexplanation here: http://www.blogbuzzer.com/pages/about.aspx. Basically what they get, is people signing up for premium membership. I have tried it a couple of times and got quite a big blip the first time.

Long term it doesn't beat good writing or content, bur it might give a little boost and help a bit. Don't think it has done any harm.


BookChook said...

I ping my post each time I publish it. I do it from habit, almost like throwing salt over my shoulder when I spill it. I have no idea if it works, but it does no harm as you say, Nik. I am thrilled to think it may have been doing some good all this time!

I have used PingMyBlog and Pingler. Same principle and takes only a few seconds. I truly believe people come to my blog for content, and I concentrate on writing a variety of posts in my subject area (children's literacy, literature and learning.) The biggest boost to my blog traffic is when I participate in a blog tour or carnival, and often some of that traffic stays, subscribes via rss etc.

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